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emPower eLearning: Red flag that point out to the failure of an e-learning course

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red flag that point out to the failure of an e-learning course

E-learning courses have always been a useful source of information for the students. However; there are times when these courses fail quite miserably. In this blog; I have provided various points which showcase red flag for the failure of an e-learning course.

I have tried my level best to point out the various benefits that users can derive from enrolling an e-learning course. But in this blog; I will be concentrating on different things that  point out to the collective failure of an e-learning course, But before I enumerate the different points let me tell you that it  is extremely difficult to design an e-learning course. But if you have designed it poorly then the target audience is sure to miss out on the benefits to be derived from the course and will lose interest in the course.

So let me now enumerate different things that can prove to be doomsday for the e-learning course and how should an e-learning course designer avoid these mistakes from happening in their courses:

  • Concentration on too much of text: If your e-learning course contains lots of text then the users are bound to get distracted by the content. Remember it is quite boring to read paragraphs of textbooks in e-learning course. The only reason of the users to enroll for an e-learning course is to derive knowledge out of the subjects in a short span of time. If you provide the entire textbook material in the content of the e-learning courses then it proves to be detrimental for the e-learning course. The possible option is to use bullets wherever possible. This way the content can be condensed to a limit and can be displayed in a very attractive manner. Also give real-life scenarios to get the students hooked up to the subject. This is one of the most useful ways of teaching practical value to the students in a very creative manner.
  • Old and out-of-context videos: How many times have we seen very old and outdated videos being integrated in the e-learning course? The designers are under the impression that they are doing something creative by integrating these videos but the fact of the matter is that seeing a person who dresses like someone from 1960’s and speaking in a very dire language makes the student disconnected. These videos can lead to boring stuff which can also create a bad name in the market where everyone is busy criticizing the videos and the way it is depicted. The focus of the videos should be providing good precise information in a clearly presented manner. Do not worry about the production values. You do not have to use special effects or high profile production values like Hollywood movies to make the students hooked on to the subjects. Just plain to the point videos will suffice the needs of the students and will give them the requisite knowledge of the course which will fulfill the ultimate objective of the course curriculum.
  • Repeated content in the course curriculum: Lot of times the e-learning course designers get the wrong impression that repeating content in the course curriculum is a good revision tactic for the students. But what they fail to realize is the fact that by repeating the content many times they are making it boring for the students. They will not go through the content again and again just for the sake of revision. If revision is the ultimate objective then the course designers should have a short and precise course curriculum and then encourage students to revise the topics repeatedly; this way they will achieve their desired objectives in a fruitful manner. Easy navigation of topics is one of the prime ways of designing a good course curriculum for the students.
Always remember that the reason for students to enroll for an e-learning course is to feel something different from classroom education. If you are providing the same textbook information to them it becomes useless for them which ultimately lead to dissatisfaction amongst them. The alternative is to provide short and precise content to the students; with videos that are interactive and synchronized with the content in such a manner that the students get hooked on to it. This will lead to knowledge which is the ultimate aim of good e-learning course providers.

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