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emPower eLearning: Three Useful Tips for Integrating Videos in e-Learning Courses

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Useful Tips for Integrating Videos in e-Learning Courses

There is a need for an interactive model in e-learning courses. By integrating videos in the e-learning courses students can not only grasp the things easily but it also makes the content visually attractive.

There is a very famous quote which goes, “Show, don’t tell”. Taking this principle into account, there is a need for an interactive learning model wherein students can learn through videos and images. E-learning courses try to follow this principle so that students can learn in an unconventional manner but retain major part of the learning. E-learning developers are circumspect to use videos/images in the e-learning courses. But if the tips given in this article are taken seriously, then you can create amazing content with the help of videos in e-learning courses. Let us look at these tips:

* Videos should be used to depict behavioral skills: There are times when it is very difficult to explain things to students especially when you want to teach them about body language and other soft skills. In such scenarios, videos can be best option. These skills need to be seen to understand rather than reading them. Moreover; videos make the content very attractive and visually appealing especially if the course requires practice to master.
* Videos should be short and to the point: Always bear in mind that your target audience does not have the patience to see a full length feature film. It is always advisable to break the length of the video to less than 3 minutes. Try to keep the introductory video short, so that it captures viewer’s attention. If you wish to integrate audio podcasts to the content it usually can be of a maximum 10 minutes. But it has been observed that viewers normally tune off from the content after initial couple of minutes. Hence, the success formula for integrating videos is shorter is better.
* Videos should integrate different social media tools to make it interactive:  Give an option to the audience to offer feedback or post a comment on your videos. This will make them think about various suggestions and questions that they have on that particular video. You can also add questions and quizzes on the basis of the video content. If you integrate various social media tools to the video it will make it easier for the viewers to post the questions to their colleagues and get relevant answers to the questions. They can even taken the help of experts to learn more about that subject.

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