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emPower eLearning: NAACE ICT Mark and ITEM – Part one

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAACE ICT Mark and ITEM – Part one

The ICT Mark and ITEM

The ICT Mark is an accreditation for schools that have reached nationally agreed levels within the self-review framework. Schools accredited with the ICT Mark standard are demonstrating that they are committed to using technology to improve their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

The continued development of the ICT Mark by NAACE, supported by the Department for Education is supporting schools to raise standards by using the Self-review Framework. Celebrate putting technology at the heart of elearning in your school by working towards the ICT Mark.

The International Technology in Education Mark (ITEM) is an Internationally recognised accreditation based on the ICT Mark and ISTE NETS. Accredited by NAACE, which is a UK based ISTE affiliate, ITEM provides the framework for International schools to self-review their technology provision throughout all areas of the school from administration and management to curriculum technology integration.

The Benefits of the ICT Mark/ITEM

The ICT Mark/ITEM can help your school to demonstrate the effective use of technology throughout a range of initiatives and as ICT reaches deeply into the core of all school activities the ICT Mark/ITEM can provide widespread benefits across many aspects of school life.
Applying for ICT Mark/ITEM assessment and achieving accreditation can offer your school a number of benefits*:

 * Provides an opportunity to celebrate success
 * Verifies your own self-review judgements
 * Recognises whole school improvement
 * Provides an opportunity to be seen as centre of excellence
 * Tells suppliers that you are an informed customer
 * Provides you with credibility for hosting visits and providing services
 * Provides an opportunity for learners to celebrate their use of ICT
 * Gives parents confidence that technology is being used effectively
 * Informs parents that you offer better communication to families and homes
 * Informs other schools and organisations that you are a potential partner for extending opportunities for learning through technology
 * Raises public recognition of good practice in the use of ICT
 * Strengthens your bids for involvement in new initiatives
 * Recognises your commitment to self-review and evaluation
 * Recognises your commitment and hard work
 * Includes promotional material and guidance on how to use the ICT Mark to promote your school.
* Benefits listed courtesy of NAACE

As you can see the working towards the ICT Mark/ITEM can benefit your school in many ways.
My next post will look at The Self Review Framework for the ICT Mark/ITEM.

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