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emPower eLearning: emPower e-learning Solutions launches course to train employees and help you create policies on new amendments on HIPAA and ARRA act

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

emPower e-learning Solutions launches course to train employees and help you create policies on new amendments on HIPAA and ARRA act

emPower provides e- learning courses as mandated by the U.S. Government and other regulatory bodies like HIPAA, OSHA, Joint Commission and Red Flags rule. The successful passage of the new Health plan of Obama Government and resultant health care regulations have made it mandatory for the Covered health service providers, Practices and their Business Associates to achieve complete compliance to stay on the right side of the law. This, they can easily do by providing proper compliance training to their employees and in process eliminate expensive compliance risks. The latest amendment to HIPAA Privacy and Security rule, which came into effect from February 17, 2010, makes it mandatory for all the Covered entities to revise their Business Associate Contract.

The Business Associates now on share more responsibility for protection of the privacy of the patient health information. Any lapse on their part can invite serious penalties or criminal conviction, depending upon the severity of the violation. Keeping this in mind emPower, as a part of its compliance training program, has launched two online courses; one on amendment related to Business Associate Contract and the other one in policy template form. The template form provides an easy option to just sign a standard agreement policy, framed by the Regulatory authority and enter into a business alliance with Covered Entity in legal manner.

The course trains both the existing and prospective Business Associates to achieve complete compliance to the HIPAA norms through secure and efficient documentation, management and transaction of the patient health information with the Covered entities as per their written business agreement.

About emPower

emPower is a leading provider of comprehensive Health care Compliance Solutions through Learning management system (LMS). Our mission is to provide innovative security solutions to enable compliance with applicable laws and regulations and maximize business performance. We provide range of courses to manage compliance required by regulatory bodies such as OSHA, HIPAA, Joint commission and Red Flag Rule etc. Apart from this emPower also offers custom demos and tutorials for your website, business process management and software implementation.

Our Learning Management system (LMS) allows students to retrieve all the courses 24/7/365 by accessing our portal. emPower e-learning training program is an interactive mode of learning that guides students to progress at their own pace.

For additional information, please visit http://store.empowerbpo.com/

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