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emPower eLearning: E-Learning: A Blessing For Healthcare Industry

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

E-Learning: A Blessing For Healthcare Industry

E-learning is one of the major internet tools that allow us to share and manage knowledge. The experts or instructors can easily connect online with an individual or group of learners to share their expertise. E-learning mode of education saves transport costs and time. The customized courses enable students to educate themselves at their own pace. E-learning affects each and every industry and plays a major role in the success of the health-care industry. The rapid changes in the health-care industry necessitate continuous competency-based online education requirements.

The new health compliance laws and policies make it mandatory for health service providers to adopt them, by modernizing and improving their organizational work flow. It becomes necessary to for the health service providers to train their employees. E-learning technology can support these changes by delivering high quality learning solutions. Health-care sector needs to evaluate available e-learning platforms, learning management system and other approaches to receive the right content.
The developments in internet and multimedia technologies have enhanced the physical pedagogical processes of learning, by giving rise to the new revolution in the education and learning industry. E-learning refers to the use of Internet technologies to deliver a broad array of solutions that enhance knowledge and performance. It has gained remarkable popularity in different verticals of education industry, especially health-care industry.
The health insurance industry and the hospitals are covered by HIPAA and Joint Commission regulations, respectively. The law makes it mandatory for both, clinical or non-clinical workers work to according to laid down codes. E –learning provides a great opportunity for health care workers to continue their work and at same time pursue the online compliance training. This benefits the organizations by providing them a cheaper option and at same time ensures that all the trainees enrolled, are in complete compliance with the industry laws. As a result the organization is protected from lawsuits or civil action due to non compliance on the part of its’ employees, due to lack of knowledge, information or training.

E-learning is boon for healthcare industry.

Jason Gaya

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