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emPower eLearning: Ensuring HIPAA Compliance Through Network Penetration Testing

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance Through Network Penetration Testing

The health service providers and their business associates are required to provide services to their customers as per HIPAA compliance norms. The electronic transaction of the patient health information through the private and public networks makes it binding for the various health service providers to implement a very strong security network policy.
The HIPAA compliance norms now decide on how the service providers should implement, monitor and audit the security of their networks. The availability of new security products in the market and the changes in security policies make it quite difficult for the health service providers to select the right type of security tools for their networks.
The best option available is to go in for network penetration testing. The network is targeted by stimulated attack, which mirrors a real time hacking attempt. The results are analyzed to check the strength and weakness in the system. If the attack is successful, the path of intrusion is studied to pinpoint the weakness in the defense. This path is eliminated so that a real time attack is successfully thwarted in future.
The automated network penetration software does away with the need hire expensive security consultants, who take more time to arrive at conclusions and recommend  the security changes in the existing network. The network technology is rapidly changing and so is the severity of hostile attacks. It is necessary to maximize the security of the network by maintaining a constant vigil on its ability to identify and stop hostile intrusion. A stimulated attack initiated by network penetration testing system helps to gauge the strength and preparedness of network security to withstand a real time attack. The automated feedback received is used to remove the drawbacks and fortify the network, further.
The automated penetration testing product is a better option than manual testing because it saves time, money and increases the accuracy of the security audit. As a result the computer networks of the service providers can easily withstand even the most malicious attacks from hackers and virus. This is completely in line with HIPAA compliance norms.

Network penetration testing boosts the security of the computer networks.

Jason Gaya,

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