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emPower eLearning: Employing E-learning to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Employing E-learning to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

The busy schedule at the workplace makes it difficult for the healthcare professionals to attend training programs that educate about various HIPAA policies and standards. Many covered entities like the hospitals, multi-location clinics, health insurance companies and other health service providers are strictly bound by the HIPAA compliance norms and it is of highest priority for them to train their workforce in HIPAA privacy and security standards. This responsibility also falls on the business associates like transcription companies who provide support services to covered entities.
To educate the employees about patient privacy regulations, the organization needs to arrange for a training location, instructor and course material, which are costly. Further this type of arrangement makes it difficult for the employees to schedule their training program, without compromising their daily workplace routine. As a result the organization is likely to suffer production losses due to loss in man hours.
HIPAA online training courses offer a great opportunity to health organizations to train their staff in HIPAA compliance. The e-learning courses provide great flexibility healthcare workers to schedule their online education as per their convenience, without hurting their daily workplace routine. This means that the health service provider can maintain the desired productivity and at same time achieve complete HIPAA compliance.
Any HIPAA violation which is committed, knowingly or unknowingly, by employee or employees and leaks confidential patient health information, attracts severe penalties and convictions from regulatory authorities. To prevent such situation, the healthcare service provider should train the staff members in the HIPAA privacy and security standards.
The online learning courses run on Learning Management System and are user friendly. The employees can easily follow the course as per their convenience and stay updated on their progress, through a click of button. On successful completion of the course the candidates are immediately awarded their certificates.
HIPAA compliance online training courses train the employees of the covered entities and business associates so that safe management of confidential patient health information becomes the intrinsic part of their daily workplace schedule.
HIPAA online learning helps healthcare providers to train their employees easily.
Jason Gaya
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