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emPower eLearning: E-learning- Delivering Knowledge beyond Barriers of Time and Distance

Saturday, January 2, 2010

E-learning- Delivering Knowledge beyond Barriers of Time and Distance

In the present times internet plays a significant role in daily lives of people. The global reach it provides to the users has made it possible to educate people living far and wide. This has made it feasible to provide e-learning to people in a very cost-effective manner. The students are no longer at a disadvantage due to time and distance. The web world has made is possible for students to override these drawbacks easily and connect with instructors electronically.

The online learning is a highly flexible process that can be divided into four broad categories. They are:
  • Individualized online
  • Individualized offline
  • Synchronous group based
  • Asynchronous group based
The individual or group of people can easily pace their learning process according to their own convenience as it gives them flexibility of time and place. They can easily fit into their distance learning schedule in their daily lives. This is an internet or intranet based, mode of education and provides many advantages that are mentioned below.

  • E-learning cuts cost and time.
  • It provides a vast customer base on a global level.
  • It provides a common delivery platform for the same content that is presented to different people in a same way.
  • The content is highly accurate as it is updated on a regular basis. This feature also helps in quick distribution of new information to all people.
  • As more and more people are using web, distance education is becoming highly acceptable mode of education, today.
  • It helps the student to gauge his or her progress, maintain a record of what is achieved and carry out self analysis of knowledge gained.
E-learning is a boon to the students has it allows them to overcome the barriers of time and distance, easily. Educational institutions can also reach wide audience without spending on and maintaining costly infrastructure. In the end online learning is beneficial to both providers and receivers.

E-Learning helps instructors to train people online beyond different time zones and geographic boundaries.

Jason Gaya,

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