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emPower eLearning: New evolution to Healthcare Learning

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New evolution to Healthcare Learning

The future trend of e-learning method in medical education is greatly influenced by
major trends in education industry i.e. (1) continuous change in Healthcare environment
inclusive of advances in biomedical sciences and diagnoses & management of diseases,
financing, organization, and delivery of health care services; (2) Adoption of emerging
communication, simulation, and information technology in undergraduate, graduate,
and continuing medical education; (3) Competency-based patient outcome oriented training.

With the new emerging technology in learning settings, we can make considerable
improvement in the quality of medical education. We can employ revolutionary
approach to impart training to doctors using cutting-edge e-learning technologies.
Web-based learning including video clips, animated diagrams, medical images,
etc. can be very effective way of learning for medical, health sciences, and dental students.
The electronic information sources carry a significant value by providing rapid access.
Medical databases that remains updated provide medical literature can be used for simple
text based queries, or content-based visual queries. E-learning technology keeps busy
clinicians abreast of recent advancements in their respective fields in an effective and less
time consuming manner.

Learning Management system is an excellent vehicle that lets you deliver, track and
manage training/education. Learning Management platform helps technologists and
healthcare clinicians to streamline the process of continuing medical education activities.
Pharmaceutical and medical industries are such where there is need to comply with very
strict regulatory requirements. LMS allows consistent and timely access to standardized
course offerings such as HIPAA, Sexual Harassment, Lockout-Tag out, OSHA,
Red Flags rule etc.

Jason Gaya



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